Josh, Claudia and Benicio spotted arriving in Toronto to promote the film ‘Escobar: Paradise Lost’ at the Toronto Film Festival.

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Josh Hutcherson out in Toronto - Septemeber 10th, 2014

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Josh Hutcherson at the Escobar: Paradise Lost press conference

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Josh and Claudia at TIFF 2014

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“My character Nick was fictional,” Hutcherson said, “but I thought it was cool because Nick got to come into this world with a fresh perspective, something the audience doesn’t have because the audience has all the baggage of what Pablo was and what we know him as today. But Nick had no idea. Nick was a naive, pure guy who was going to have a surfing trip with his brother and he meets a girl who’s pure and all of a sudden he’s part of this world that is not so pure. So the slow introduction of evil is something that Andrea really wanted to hit on — what evil can do to something so pure and good.”
— Josh Hucherson on his character Nick in Escobar: Paradise Lost (via joshhutchsource)

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