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Anonymous said: I am legitimately worried about the lack of intensity & nuance in both Willow & Liam's acting in MJ. Every single thing that Liam has been in, his acting is cited as the worse thing about the movie. I like him as a person too but dude, find another way to express diff emotions other than scrunching up your face & looking vacuous. I'm afraid he's just gonna bring a woobified Gale to MJ. :-/ And Willow. Oh Willow. You've got a great actress to learn from right in front of you. Why still so bad?


Same. Unpopular opinions (but that we seem to share, so it’s okay :D) under the cut.

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Liam is one big disappiontment in the movies. I didn’t like Gale before, and I just want to turn away whenever he shows up on screen now.
I watched Catching Fire in the cinema 4 times, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch MJ multiple times since Liam is going to be there the whole time.
Also, I honestly hate him as a person. I really don’t get it that Josh gets hates because of his height, while Liam gets away with his cheating? What the fuck is wrong with the world? An unfaithful and poor-qualified actor gets cheers. I just don’t get it.


Peeta Mellark is perfect. He’s perfectly flawed and I love him for it. This young man came from a life of abuse. He’s then put into the The Hunger Games and he doesn’t want to kill anyone.

He’s kind. He’s loving. He’s special.

Peeta begs to be killed so that he can’t hurt anyone.

Don’t you dare insult him.

Don’t you fucking dare.

I honestly never get why there are people out there saying bad things about Peeta. He’s fucking perfect, okay?

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